PSIC made a soft intervention in the cluster of artisans at Taxila through an ADP scheme Titled “Stone Crafts Taxila”, from 2011 to 14.This intervention left a positive impact on the cluster and resultantly the capacity of the artisans community to produce better quality artefacts with improved design has been noticed. Sufficient awareness was created about the Gandhara art products through printing of catalogues, Books and participation in exhibitions.

During the first ever government intervention through PSIC at Taxila a need was felt to further support and patronise the artisan cluster of Taxila to meet their emerging demands like provision of artisan workshops ,access to finance and development and propagation of Taxila stone as building material. Hence forth, PSIC conducted a fresh baseline survey to get feedback on the latest requirements and in view of this a new scheme titled “Gandhara Art Village Taxila”is envisaged at a cost of Rs.104.360 million.